Understanding Three Star Hotels

Hotel Ratings

In the hospitality industry, hotels are always classified by the quality of the services which they provide, and the amenities which they have. The main reason for classifying the hotels is so that guests can have a rough idea of expectations they should have of the hotel.

The standards are not all the same in different countries, meaning a five-star hotel in the Emirates is not necessarily the same as one in Europe. The system of rating hotels started in the late 50s, and it has continued to grow over the years.

Understanding the Ratings

  • One-star rating: These are hotels which meet basic needs and offer simple accommodation. They are preferred by people on a budget who simply want a place to sleep.
  • Two-star rating: These are more comfortable than one-star and guests can sometimes be allowed to request for additional services such as laundry for a fee.
  • Three-star rating: These hotels have a better physical appeal and excellent services. They meet most of the expectations guests might have. Some of them can be found in dense touristic attraction areas such as by the mountains, ocean, lake and other natural places.
  • Four-star rating: The services are of high quality, and the design of the hotel is commendable. There are several extra packages available for guests, and there is always someone at their service.
  • Five-star rating: This is for people who want luxury. They are very expensive, but they provide everything someone would want from a hotel. The meals are cooked by top chefs, extra services are available, and their mandate is to make guests feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Seven-star rating: This is a new one, and there have been news items which suggest that many of them will soon be in the hotel and hospitality industry. The seven stars are considered to be top of the league, giving services that can only be afforded by a few people.

Why You Should Consider Staying in a Three-Star Beach Resort

  • You save money: Getting accommodation along the beach is expensive since most of them are always booked to capacity. The best alternative is to look for a three-star beach resort where you will still be able to access the lovely beach without having to spend too much money.
  • Allows you to be adventurous: When you are on a tour, most of your days should not be spent inside your room. While your three-star resort is comfortable enough to care for your needs, it is not too luxurious to make you feel like you do not want to leave the room.
  • You can travel with many friends: Three-star resorts are affordable enough for people who want to go in a group, as compared to a five-star hotel. This allows you to organise for a memorable trip with friends and family. Some of the most exciting journeys you will ever take are those where the people you love are with you.
  • There is a good view: Beach resorts often overlook the ocean. For people who are looking for magnificent views where they can unwind and step away from a stressful environment, then this provides an excellent opportunity to have a calming trip.

Generally, you should never pass up an opportunity to travel, just because you feel you cannot afford a luxury trip. Three-star resorts give you the comfort you require while travelling, extra services to make your trip less stressful, and you get to pay less than you would have if you stayed in a five-star hotel. Do your research and find out the hotels which fall within your price range.