Turning a Three Star Experience into a Five Star Experience

You do not have to wait for when you have a lot of money for you to travel or go on vacation. Even within a low budget, you can book for a cheaper three-star hotel and still have a five-star experience. Having fun begins with you and the attitude you have towards how things will unfold. As long as you are determined to make things work out, being in a cheap hotel should not be a hindrance towards enjoying quality time on a trip. Some of the ways to turn your experience better include:

Have a Lot of Outdoor Activities

Who says that just because you booked a hotel room, you have to spend all your time in it? There are a lot of fun and games that can be done outdoors. Do your research and find out what some of the interesting places around you are. It can be a beach for you to take walks or even a park where you can go for a picnic. Check out the places around you that could give you a memorable experience.

Cut down on Additional Costs

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Interact with People

Undoubtedly the best experiences are always those that are shared with people. No matter how big your hotel room is, or how cosy it is, if you are all alone, it does not provide much fun. It is different if you step out and interact with people around you. Ask them questions about the area you are in, and have them recommend some of the best places that would give you an exclusive experience when you visit. The best way to learn a place is by hanging out with the people.

Bring Your Own Items

Sometimes, the line between luxury and three-star is the items they give. It does not hurt to buy your own high-end toiletries and even drinks if the hotel allows. Pamper yourself by getting a scented soap for a cosy bath in your hotel room. It does not have to be expensive for you to create your little heaven.

You should bear in mind that sometimes, all you need to do is ask. If you want that extra blanket or a cup of warm tea, you can ask the hotel management if they have a provision for that. You can also ask if they allow guests to bring their own foods so that you treat yourself to what you love.