How to Turn Your Three Star Hotel into a Five Star Experience

If you own a three-star beach resort, you can still give your guests the ultimate five-star experience that will make them give you good reviews and keep them coming back. You may be operating a low budget establishment, but that does not mean that the experience your guests leave with must be mediocre. Some of the ways you can make people who book in to stay at your hotel feel like they are having a lifetime experience are:

Be Friendly

It goes without saying that people will feel more drawn to a place where the owner and workers around are friendly. Smile more, engage them in conversation, use a friendly tone when addressing them, and make them feel that you value every moment they spend in your hotel; even if it is not the luxurious kind. Friendliness goes a long way, and it makes the guests have a special connection with your establishment and are likely to come back or recommend it to other people.

Have Personalised Services

Even though your hotel may have many guests in a day, each one of them wants to feel like they are valued individually. If possible, address them by name, ask them about important details of their lives, such as where they are coming from, and have personalised conversations with them. It shows that you are willing to spend time knowing them and attending to their personalised need. This is very important, especially for people who are coming from a foreign country and are clinging to any level of personalised interaction they can get.

Offer Extra Services

Sometimes, the difference between a five-star hotel and a three-star hotel lies in the services offered. Why not throw in a welcoming bottle of wine for the guests on their first night? It does not have to be expensive. Even a box of chocolates or freshly baked cookies would do. You can also think of offering extra services such as dropping and picking guests from the airport. Have someone to help in carrying their luggage, and you can even set up a help desk that guides guests on the best tourist attraction places around, and how to find things such as markets while visiting.

Hire Qualified Staff

The people who work in your hotel, even if it is a low budget hotel, matter a lot. If you work with professionals who are trained and experienced in handling guests, you are likely to give your guests an almost five-star experience. The people you hire should be trained in hospitality and customer care. They should also have basic training on how to handle a crisis. Motivate your members of staff by showing them that they matter. You should give them bonuses when you can and treat them with respect, and they will, in turn, give your guests better services.

Know Your Customers Needs

As a hotel owner, you should anticipate the needs of your customers so that they do not have to reach out to you all the time. If it is the sunny season, chances are that they will arrive feeling thirsty. Have some cold juice waiting for their arrival. At the same time, stock their rooms with extra blankets during winter and ensure their rooms have all the requirements before they check in.

Be Knowledgeable

While you are not expected to memorise the entire encyclopedia just because you own a hotel, you really should have some basic knowledge of what is going on around you. Guests will ask you about the history of your town, some light political conversations, and items on the news. It helps if you are not clueless about everything.